Modular Panel Elements

Panel Consists Of:
Insulated polystyrene core.
Galvanised steel on both sides.
Galvanised steel trusses are welded and pierced through the polystyrene core.

Low Cost:

Direct cost savings due to reduced labour, Reduced material and cheaper construction equipment.
Low weight of the product also reduces logistical costs.

Fast Implementation:

The simple design, efficient production, easy transportation and quick erection of the building unit reduces time-lines of projects of all sizes by up to 60%.

Structural Integrity:

The monolithic structure created by the panel in conjunction with concrete enables it to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and high winds.

Uniform Quality:

As a standardized factory product, EPS panel brings uniformly high quality to a construction project of any size.

Simple Construction:

The technology consolidates the Masonary, Insulation, Plastering and utilities addition steps thus reducing the construction complexity.

Thermal Insulation:

The core material used in EPS which is an excellent thermal insulator. It maintains the indoor temperature and lowers HVAC costs 50%-70%.


This panel has passed the 120 minute fireproofing test. It is approved as a fireproofing material for internal & external construction.

Moisture Proof:

The panel is excellent for preventing condensation/absorption on interior walls. The external walls can use waterproofing mortar for additional protection.


The panels have superior sound dampening culpability compared to masonry walls and can be further enhanced if both sides are plaster-boarded.


It is only 25% of the weight of a regular masonry wall, which alleviates the fixed load of a structure and facilitates its use in additions/upgrades to existing buildings.


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