(Upto 1200sqft)
(Upto 2000sqft)
(above 2000sqft)
S.No CATEGORY Built-up area below 1200 sft Built-up area from 1200 sft to 2000 sft (G+1) Built-up area above 2000 sft (G+1 & above) Compact to Grand rate Diff(Built up area) Grand to luxury Rate Diff(Built up area)
RATE Rs 1599/-per Sq.ft Rs 1899/-per Sq.ft Rs 2299/-per Sq.ft
1 FOUNDATION Column Footing ("9x9" column) Column Footing ( as per design) Column Footing Rs 20 /sft
2 STRUCTURE Framed structure Framed Structure Framed Structure (Earth quake resistant) Rs 34 /sft Rs 40/ sft
CEMENT Birla,Penna,Zuari or equal brand Birla,Penna,Zuari or equal brand (L&T )Ultratech,Coromondel,Ramco
SAND M.Sand M.Sand M.Sand
STEEL ARS or equalant brand ARS or equalant brand TATA Tiscon or equalant
3 SUPER STRUCTURE 9" Outer wall-Chamber Brick 9" Outer wall- Brick (Box) 8" Prorotherm Block /Aerocon Rs 15/sft Rs 60/sft
4 1/2" Partition wall/td> 4 1/2" Partition wall 4" Partition wall
Cut lintel for doors & windows Cut lintel for doors & windows Cut lintel for doors & windows
4 Joineries
a) Main Door T.W door frame with OST-3'6" Solid Teakwood door-3'6" ft Solid Teakwood door -4' width Rs 10/sft Rs 5/sft
b) Bedroom Door Flush Door with C.W frame-3'0" Skin Door with C.W frame-3'0" Laminated Door with T.W frame-3'0" Rs 6/sft Rs 5/sft
c) Bathroom Door PVC door-2'6" W.P Laminated door-2'6" W.P Laminated door-2'6" Rs 4/sft
d) Windows Aluminium powder coated - UPVC or C.W frame African T.W frame & shutters Rs 39 /sft Rs 42 /sft
Each room one window- 4' X 4' Window max size. 5' X 4'6" Rs 30/sft
Kitchen one window -3' X 3',V-2'x2' Kitchen one window -3' X 3',V-2'x2'
e) Fittings SS powder coated SS Fittings Brass Fittings Rs 10/sft Rs 20/sft
f) Grills & Handrails M.S Handrails & Grill with M.S Handrails & Grill with SS for staircase handrails Rs 26/sft
enamel paint enamel paint and MS grills for windows
5 FLOORING Semi vitrified or Ceramic Vitrified Nano tile-2' x 2' Double charge or Digital tiles -2' x2' Rs 10/ sft Rs 15/ sft
Basic cost Rs 32/- per Sq.ft Basic Cost Rs 40 persq.ft Basic cost Rs 55 per sq.ft
6 WARDROBE Open wardrobe with Open wardrobe with Open wardrobe Rs 15/sft
cuddappah slab plywood partition
7 KITCHEN Black Granite top with 2ft (8" x12") Black Granite top with 2ft Premium Granite top with 4 ft Rs 12/sft
height normal tiles dadoo height tiles(branded) height tiles (premium brand) Rs 5/sft Rs 5/sft
8 BATHROOM TILE Upto 7' (8" x 12") Upto 7' (10" x 15") upto roof 12" X 18" Rs 7/sft Rs 5/sft
Basic cost Rs 24/- per Sq.ft Basic cost Rs 32/- per Sq.ft Basic cost Rs 40/- per Sq.ft
9 ELECTRICAL Normal switches with minimum Anchor Roma Anchor Roma Rs 15/sft
points Finolex or orbit Finolex or orbit
10 PLUMBING 2 Taps for hot & cold 2 in 1 wall mixture, shower 2 in 1 wall mixture,Western closet Rs 15/sft Rs 18/sft
1 Indian closet & 1 WC for bath Western closet All taps & fittings
1 common wash basin (Hindware or Parryware) Parryware & Jaguar
11 PAINTING Emulsion without patty for all walls Emulsion with patty finish Emulsion with patty finish Rs 35/sft Rs 12/sft
for inner walls except stair for inner walls & front elevation
Varnish for OST door side Varnish for main door Varnish for main door & other Rs 30/sft Rs 35/sft
Enamel paint for other joineries joineries


  • Foundation size & design may vary acording to soil test. Any special type foundation apart from column footing shall be charged extra.
  • Concrete and Brick work shall be done with M.Sand. For river sand additional charges are applicable.
  • Terrace work brick jelly and terrace tiles is excluded on the above rates and shall be charged extra.
  • Sump,OHT,Septic tank shall be charged extra.
  • All around set back area / side ways flooring shall be charged extra.
  • Soil Test, Water test,Drawing fees for Architect & Structural shall be charged extra.